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About Me

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility for your finances.  Now is the best time!

Pay Off Debt Early!

Saddled With Debt

Hi, my name is Don and I have been passionate about investing for over 10 years.  My day job is in Cybersecurity Engineering but my passion is with Finance.  I have a BSBA and Masters in Finance.  I graduated with over 30K worth of debt and it was honestly the best thing that ever happened to me.  Realizing that I needed to create and stick to a budget to pull myself out of this hole.  If I was never in this situation, I probably would not be so passionate about it today.  I paid off my 30K debt in 4 years out of college and have never looked back since.  I preach cutting unnecessary expenses, earning more income and index investing the rest.  You too can become debt free and, more importantly, financially free too!

Put the work in now to spend your days however you would like in the future!